Process Dynamics and Operations

Abigail Pérez Ortiz, M.Sc.

Organization name Process Dynamics and Operation
Building KWT-N
Room KWT-N


  • Investigation of reactor concepts for highly exothermic reactions.
  • Biogas valorization to high value chemicals.
  • Autothermal reactor design.
  • Experimental studies at laboratory, miniplant scale and modeling.

Research projects

Reaction engineering - Oxidative coupling of methane



Penteado, Alberto Teixeira; Lovato, Giovanna; Perez Ortiz, Abigail; Esche, Erik; Domingues Rodrigues, José Alberto; Godini, Hamid Reza; Orjuela, Álvaro; Guvsvca, Jūlija; Repke, Jens–Uwe
Economic Potential of Bio-Ethylene Production via Oxidative Coupling of Methane in Biogas from Anaerobic Digestion of Industrial Effluents
Processes, 9 (9) :1613


Perez Ortiz, Abigail; Penteado, Alberto Teixeira; Thum, Lukas; Karsten, Tim; Esche, Erik; Grigull, V.; Schomäcker, Reinhard; Repke, Jens–Uwe
Influence of process parameters on oxidative coupling of methane for ethylene production from biogas
Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 92 (9) :1348
ISSN: 0009-286X