Big Data Engineering

Thesis Opportunities

The DAMS Lab currently receives a large number of requests for supervising master and bachelor theses. In order to make the process of matching topics to students more scalable, while ensuring a high-quality of supervision, as of Jan 2024, we are introducing the following process:

  • Open thesis topics are listed at TU Berlin (I)STROD (direkt link)
  • If interested in a particular topic, contact the listed supervisor (PhD student, postdoc, or me) directly.
  • We are also open to joint topics with industrial partners or your own project proposal, but note that TU Berlin Faculity IV does not allow confidential tags (Sperrvermerke). For such projects, please directly contact me.
  • Basic administrative aspects of writing a thesis with us include: (1) the thesis must be written in English language and using LaTeX, (2) you need to agree to defend the thesis between thesis submission and grading (but without major impact on grading) in front of the DAMS Lab (30min talk, 15min Q&A), (3) we usually have regular one-on-one meetings (~ every three weeks) to talk about progress and problems, and (4) the thesis is officially registered about 1-2 months after starting the project (once there is mutual agreement about the scope and approach for addressing the given problem or research question).