German as a Foreign Language and Language for Specific Purposes

Assessment Criteria

In a term paper, you identify, examine, and solve a scientific problem independently with little assistance. Term papers can encompass both a theoretical study or empirical analysis. Term papers, bachelor’s theses, and master’s theses all build on the same foundation. However their scope and requirements vary. While you may identify new scientific findings, this isn’t expected until when writing a doctoral dissertation. Please take advantage of the assistance offered by your advisor both before and while writing your paper.

Content (total of 70 + 10 points)

I. Problem/topic outline: Explain why you chose your topic and why the paper’s key question/thesis is important! (20 points)

  1. Thesis/motive
  2. Explanation of how topic fits into current discussions/research
  3. Presentation of the current state of research
  4. Inclusion of relevant and current literature

II. Structure: Conduct your examination properly! (20 points)

  1. Appropriate use of terms and definitions
  2. Explanation of reasons for the chosen methods
  3. Explanation of the chosen methods
  4. Implementation of the chosen methods

III. Results: Present your results properly! (20 points)

  1. Collection of empirical data or development of theoretical concepts
  2. Interpretation of empirical data or argumentation of theoretical concepts
  3. Discussion of empirical or theoretical results

IV. Conclusion: Summarize your results, explaining how these are relevant for future work! (10 points)

  1. Reference to initial question
  2. Prospects for further research
  3. Consequences for the field (optional)

V. Additional aspects: Make your work stand out! (10 points)

  1. Coherence (common theme): Can the reader easily follow the argument or theme of your paper?
  2. Originality: independent ideas and concepts; unique approach

Style and formatting (total of 30 points)