Computer Vision and Remote Sensing

Lectures in winter term 2023/2024


Lectures in summer term 2023


  • Applied Computer Vision (lecture schedule) (ISIS)

  • Automatic Image Analysis (lecture schedule) (ISIS)

  • Hot Topics in Computer Vision (lecture schedule)
    • Seminar 1 - "Insights into Visual Representation Learning" (ISIS)
    • Seminar 2 - "Addressing Label Scarcity in the Semantic Analysis of Earth Observation Imagery" - (ISIS)
    • Project 1 - "Unsupervised and Self-Supervised Learning in Computer Vision" (ISIS)
    • Project 2 - "Regularization Learning, Neural Representations and Decomposition Learning" (ISIS)

  • Microwave and Radar Remote Sensing (lecture schedule) (ISIS)

  • View Synthesis (lecture schedule) (ISIS)