Computer Vision and Remote Sensing




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Room MAR 6.047
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1982 - 1986Studies of surveying at the FH Hamburg
1986Graduate engineer
1986 - 1990Research assisten Inpho GmbH, Stuttgart
1990 - 1992Studies Surveying Engineering at University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, Kanada
1992 - 1993PhD student at Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

Scientific career

1993 - 1997Research assistant at the Chair of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing at the TU Munich
1997Doctorate (Dr.-Ing.) at the Technical University of Munich, dissertation "Linienextraktion aus SAR-Daten mit einem Markoff-Zufallsfeld-Modell"
1997Research assistant and chair of the group „Remote Sensing" at TU Munich
2001Professor for "Photogrammetry and Cartagrophy" at TU Berlin
2004Professor for "Computer Vision and Remote Sensing" at TU Berlin

Research projects

since 09/2019Science of Intelligence: TP 01 Object-level scene descriptions and attention in visual search
since 08/2019Science of Intelligence: TP 03 Mouse Lock Box
since 03/2020Science of Intelligence: TP 08 - Knowledge-augmented face perception
since 08/2020Science of Intelligence: TP 29 - Hierarchical modularized vision system for perception-action loops
since 09/2021Science of Intelligence: TP 31b - Social responsiveness and learning in heterogeneous groups: Effects on human‐human and human‐robot interaction


An overview of all publications can be found here.