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Guidelines and Recommendations

Do you need to be able to make sense of information at first glance? Do you need guidelines to help you understand and get to grips with a topic? We have put together a number of guidelines to make your life easier by explaining how certain applications work and what legal aspects need to be taken into account as well as useful tips for writing texts for websites or social media.

Please note
This website is currently under construction. We will publish further recommendations and guidelines in January 2023.

© Janine Rülicke

TYPO3 Manual

The TYPO3 construction kit offers many possibilities for online communication. Our detailed, illustrated instructions explain how to define the layout for your page, create content elements and configure the respective options correctly.

© Felix Noak

Social Media

Perhaps you are thinking about using social media for your unit or project. Read our tips for setting up and managing your social media channels.