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TU Berlin’s Corporate Design - Dynamic, Clear and Multi-Faceted

TU Berlin’s journey of creative discovery has been a long one with many stops along the way. People acquainted with our university over a longer period will recall red, blue, and green logos - in 2D and 3D formats. However, the start of the web relaunch for the central websites in 2020 saw the beginning of a process to adapt TU Berlin’s visual image and to provide sufficient creative space to reflect the reality of the diverse, creative and innovative essence of our university.

As part of this process, TU Berlin also developed revised guidelines for its corporate design. These take account of all the experience and memories gained over many years and more importantly place them in a new context. The result is a set of guiding principles for an integrative and at the same time communal and new set of colors, typefaces and strong design elements for members of the University to use. Find out more here about TU Berlin’s corporate design.

TU Berlin Logo

As part of the redesign process, TU Berlin’s logo was also given a makeover. There are long and short versions of the logo, making it suitable for all media and applications. The spacing of the design mark was harmonized and standardized and reflects TU Berlin's aspirations in its precision and level of detail. In the long version, "berlin" is omitted from the design mark as it is already included in the word mark. The University name is written out in capital letters, creating a clear link between the design mark and the word mark. As in the previous version of the logo from 2013, the University’s name is set in “The Sans Semibold” font. The short version as an established figurative mark continues to be used with the addition of “berlin.” Spacing has also been optimized in this file. The word/design mark is always placed in the upper right margin of all print products. The logo’s exclusion zone may not be reduced.

Long and short versions of the TU logo

The word/design mark (long version) is to be used as the primary logo. The words "Technische Universität Berlin" appear over three lines next to the figurative mark. This may not be changed. The logo is in German only, as the name of the University is not translated into English. The main color is TU red. The figurative mark (short version) is mainly used for special small applications, including promotional items such as ballpoint pens, pencils or USB sticks.

All TU Berlin members are required to use the TU logo correctly

Please contact the Office of Communications, Events and Alumni pressestelle(at) regarding the use of the TU Berlin logo by third parties such as cooperation partners.

TU logo in red, black and white

The brand color is red
The logo should always be used in the brand color “TU red” on a white background. Only in exceptional cases and with the agreement of the University’s Office of Communications, Events and Alumni may the color versions white and black be used.

Black Version
If it is only possible to print in monochrome black or greyscale, the black version of the logo is used. This is fully
opaque black.

White / negative version
For use on color surfaces or photos, the negative version of the logo in white is used. Photos must provide sufficient contrast for this.

Old logos are no longer valid and may no longer be used.

TU Berlin colors

In addition to the existing brand colors - most notably “TU red” - four different color gradients have been introduced to allow greater freedom of design. These gradients are based on the secondary colors. The “TU red” brand color is mainly used for official business purposes (including business cards, invitations, etc.). For advertising material and publications, the gradients are also available as a design tool in addition to the brand color. Secondary colors should be used sparingly and judiciously; they are particularly suitable for disruptors or tags and markups within various print and online products. Details and exact color values can be found in the design manual.

TU Berlin fonts

TU Berlin house font “Muli”

The sans serif font "Muli" is ideally suited for the digital age as well as optimal for larger texts. It has a complete character set as well as an even character spacing kerning. With 14 different weights, Muli offers a wide range of typographic design possibilities. For templates within this style guide, the font family "Muli" was used via Adobe Fonts. A subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud is required to use this font. If you do not have such a subscription, please contact suitable service providers for the graphic implementation. The house font is also used on the TU website.

Design guidelines
Three font styles are essentially used in all templates:

  • “Muli Regular” such as for captions, copyright, etc.
  • “Muli Semibold” such as for subheadings and continuous texts
  • and “Muli Bold” for headlines, etc.

Italic type fonts should be avoided as far as possible and only used in exceptional cases. To ensure good legibility on all print products, a font size below 7 pt should be avoided.

TU substitute font “Arial”

For Office applications (e.g. letters) and presentations, the freely available sans serif system font Arial is used. Arial is also used for TU business cards. This ensures that you as an employee of TU Berlin can create your business documents in accordance with this style guide. Arial is mainly used in Regular, for example for body text, and Bold, for example for headlines.

The design element - the slant

A bevel is used as a formative design element. Depending on the product, a picture or a gradient can be applied to the bevel. The angles of the bevel differ depending on the format orientation - the specifications are provided for the corresponding media on the following pages. In principle, the following rule applies:

  • Landscape format: 2-degree tilt
  • Portrait format: 4-degree tilt

The slant on business cards should have a 4-degree tilt. The slant as a central design element should be clearly perceptible on business cards. A 2-degree slant would be difficult to see.

Templates for download

We provide you with a set of different templates for download. For this, please log in using the link in the page header (login). You may have to reload this page afterwards. Afterwards you have the possibility to download the following templates and adapt them for your purposes:

  • PowerPoint templates (blank)
  • Posters (InDesign template)
  • Brochures (InDesign template)
  • Flyers (InDesign template)

On request
You are an employee of the TU Berlin and need additional templates? On request, we can provide you with the following templates, taking into account the corporate design guidelines:

  • TU Berlin logo (various file types for print and online)
  • Letterhead (Word template)
  • Business card (fill-in PDF file and InDesign template)
  • Invitation and greeting card (InDesign template)
  • Roll-up (InDesign template)

Please contact the Office of Communications, Events and Alumni for these.


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