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A University newspaper, supplements in the Tagesspiegel daily, newsletters and podcasts: the Office of Communication, Events and Alumni publishes news about TU Berlin on a regular basis both in print and digital formats. Check out our material!

Perhaps you would like to suggest a topic for us to research, for example about interesting developments in your area of work which you think could be interesting and relevant for other members of the University or the public. We look forward to hearing your suggestions. Contact us by email at: pressestelle(at)

Overview of publications

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“TU intern” - the University Newspaper

The editorial team of “TU intern” has been keeping a close watch on events at the University since the publication of its first issue in 1983. Articles focus on University policy as well as research findings, student projects, developments in the workplace and insights into collections and worlds of knowledge at TU Berlin.

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TU Berlin Tagesspiegel Supplements

Since April 2002, Berlin’s Tagesspiegel daily newspaper has been publishing regular multi-page supplements about TU Berlin. Articles about innovations in research and teaching, current projects and model tests provide insights into the various research groups and work undertaken at TU Berlin. Special editions are also published to mark notable occasions.

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Vaccine offers, energy measures, tips for staging events? The “TU intern” newsletter is sent by email to the University’s staff as a quick way to keep them up to date with events as well as in response to important developments. Students receive a monthly newsletter of their own during the semesters. We also publish a newsletter for our alumni to help them stay informed.

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Zukunftsmacher*innen - the Alumni Podcast

TU Berlin’s alumni network numbers 35,000 members from 139 countries. What they all have in common is TU Berlin, either as former students, staff, teachers or researchers. In interviews, selected alumni discuss how they came to choose their path and what motivates them today in their professional lives and in their efforts to make the world a better place.