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flexwork – Mission

flexwork stands for a flexible work culture characterized by location-independent working, flexible collaborative schedules, and decentralized work organization. Following the implementation of the TU Berlin/Staff Council Agreement on Mobile Working, the Agreement on Teleworking, and the Agreement on Flexible Working Hours, teams at TU Berlin alternate working on campus, digitally, or in hybrid format.

All staff at TU Berlin are part of this flexible work culture. This requires increased digitalization, flexibility, and personal responsibility when shaping our everyday work: You can adapt how you work to your individual needs and situation, independently organize your work as well as use a variety of tools to best support digital collaboration and transparent communication.

Our aim is to provide all employees at TU Berlin with diverse offers and tailored information so that they can establish an effective and productive flexible work culture comprised of work on site as well as remote and hybrid working.

flexwork – Program

Team flexwork serves as your guide. On the basis of the University’s offers to promote a flexible work culture, we have put together a program with seven areas of focus:

  • Leadership
  • Team
  • Time, self, and project management
  • Mental health
  • Ergonomics and health
  • Tools and technology
  • Legal compliance and data protection

Switching from in-person to digital collaboration or hybrid communication or changing where you work doesn’t have to be cumbersome and can offer a number of benefits.

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