Alumni Program

Global flows, local fix?

An International Alumni Workshop on Triple-Integrated Metropolitan Development

Accra, Ghana: 11 to 17 August 2024


African metropolises are on the rise. Cities, once perceived as epitomes for informality, peripherality and development struggles, are increasingly appreciated as hotbeds for economic and cultural development, as globally competitive sources of innovation, and as hubs connecting people, ideas and capital all over the world. The position of African metropolises in global networks is changing and gives reason to assume that the continent is on the way to overcome (post-)colonial dependencies. Yet, it remains to be seen if global flows really fix local challenges or if they engender the risk to create little more than isolated pockets of wealth and connectedness.


How can global flows be leveraged to trigger integrated metropolitan development? How can they contribute to create just and inclusive spaces? How can economic and technological impulses help to strengthen environment and society? The workshop “Global flows, local fix” seeks to answer these questions of high relevance not only for African metropolises. Bringing together the expertise of the participants with those of local experts and international stakeholders, the workshop tackles the nexus between global integration and local spatial planning and design and aims to understand how the Accra Metropolitan region is addressing challenges and opportunities of a globalized world.

Workshop Program

The program of the workshop will include methodological input, keynotes, and site visits. Participants are actively involved in the program to promote mutual learning. The workshop offers the opportunity to meet professionals as well as local and German institutions engaged in the fields of architecture, urban planning, spatial and socio-economic development. Thematically, the workshop will focus on migration and remittances, foreign direct investment and local growth, technology and environment as well housing and social policies from a spatial perspective.

The workshop will be held in English.   

Preliminary Schedule

Day 1 (11 August)Arrival and Welcome
Day 2 (12 August)Walking lectures: Accra’s history and recent developments
Talks: Integrated spatial development and global flows
Day 3 (13 August)Site visit: Foreign direct investments and local embeddedness
Site visit: Global supply chains and local development
Day 4 (14 August)Site visit: Local economies and innovation
Site visit: Smart city approaches in Accra region
Day 5 (15 August)Site visit: Migration, remittances and neighborhood development
Site visit: Local social challenges in Accra
Day 6 (16 August)Reflection and discussion: Future Challenges, lessons learned
Day 7 (17 August)Farewell and departure


The workshop is eligible for alumni of German institutions of higher education and/or research who reside outside Germany and work, for instance, as architects, urban planners, activists, geographers, economists, researchers, artists or policy-makers in the fields of urban design, development, governance, geography, economics and planning. 

Terms and conditions

Participation in the workshop is free of charge. Costs for accommodation at our partner hotels will be reimbursed. Participants will also receive funds to at least partially cover their travelling expenses. Participants attending the event only partially are not eligible for funding.


The application deadline was 1 April 2024.


The workshop is organized by TU Berlin's Chair for Urban and Regional Economics at the Institute for Urban and Regional Planning (Prof. Dr. Lech Suwala and Jonas König) together with TU Berlin’s Alumni Program (Maria Walz and Juliane Wilhelm).


Should you have any questions regarding the workshop please contact the Alumni Team