Alumni Program

Learning and Exchange Platform for International Alumni Relations (LEPIA)

To raise the profile and professionalisation of international alumni relations at German institutions of higher education and/or research Technische Universität Berlin’s Alumni Team is looking to initiate an inter-institutional “Learning and Exchange Platform for International Alumni Relations (LEPIA)” targeted at professionals working in this field.

To kick off this process we are hosting two in-person events at Technische Universität Berlin in 2023 and 2024, each accompanied by a 90-minute preparatory virtual session. 2023’s event will focus on “International Alumni as Strategic University Partners” while 2024’s theme shall be decided upon in a participatory process towards the end of 2023’s event.

In a structured selection process, colleagues working in international alumni relations at German institutions of higher education and/or research were nominated to participate in 2023’s event. The call for applications for 2024's event will be published in due course. 

International Alumni as Strategic University Partners

An interactive learning and exchange event

Virtual kick-off: 5 October 2023, 10.00 – 11.30 am

In-person workshop: 15 to 17 November 2023 at Technische Universität Berlin

The purpose of this event is to inspire and activate German higher education professionals to work strategically with their international alumni to contribute to the university's mission and priorities.

The event will be facilitated by Sandra Rincón and Dr Maria Gallo.

It will be conducted in English. 

Preliminary Programme

Virtual kick-off: Thursday 5 October 2023 (10.00 – 11.30 am)

Day 1: Wednesday 15 November 2023

as of 12.30pmRegistration and Networking Lunch
1.30pmIntroduction and Welcome
 Icebreaker - Exploring International Alumni Relations
 Overview of the Workshop Learning Outcomes
 International Alumni Relations
EveningCultural activity and networking dinner

Day 2: Thursday 16 November 2023 (all-day)

9.30amIntroduction to the International Alumni Relations Framework
• LEARN model
• Transformational Philanthropy (giving time, talent, treasure- € and ties) model
 Locate and Engage
• Locate: defining alumni and data relevant to start engagement
• Engage: how to build a 2-way relationship including the emotional component
• The Anchor - examining the mission, vision and values of the institutions
 Ask and Recognise
• Ask: defining alumni roles, institutional needs and what alumni can offer
• Recognise: showing your volunteers and donors how valuable they are to institution
• The Lens - Explore the internationalisation strategy at your institution and key priorities - integrating international alumni
• Nurture: retaining your alumni volunteers by investing in them
• Case Study: International Alumni Chapters programme
 Recap and Action Points after Day 2
EveningCultural activity and networking dinner

Day 3: Friday 17 November 2023

9.30amThe Landscape - Operational Environment, Culture and Review
• Stakeholder mapping exercise
• Alumni relationship building cycle - affiliation, affinity, engagement, support
• Exploring an international alumni relations strategy
 Final Recap and Next Steps
• Workshop evaluation and review
1.00 - 2.00pmNetworking Lunch

Terms and conditions

Participation in the event is free of charge for selected candidates. Participants will have to cover their travelling expenses, accommodation and meals. 

Selected candidates are required to collect and review the following prior to the event:

  • their institution's strategy and/or international strategy along with
  • their institution's mission, vision and values related to internationalisation

Selected candidates are expected to attend the virtual session and the in-person event from beginning to end.


The application deadline was 23 July 2023.


Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact TU Berlin’s Alumni Team at alumni(at)

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