Center for Metropolitan Studies

Current PhDs

Sabine Barthold, “Global Re-Scaling of Urban Ecological Governance: The Role of Global City Networks in Interurban Knowledge Production and Policy Transfer” (since May 2012)

Helene Heldt, "Die Garnisionsstadt Potsdam im kurzen zwanzigsten Jahrhundert" (since October 2018)

Linus Ruegge, “Die Stadt Luzern und «das Grüne»: Eine Geschichte urbaner Natur im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert“ (second advisor, together with Caroline Arni, Universität Basel, since October 2019)

Gesa Trojan, “Memory Mosaic Montreal? Memory as Temporal and Spatial Order in Montreal, 1900-2000“ (since May 2015)

Beatrice Walthall “Reordering Food, Space, and Time: Civil Society in the Transition Towards Sustainable Urban Food Systems” (second advisor, together with Ilse Helbrecht, HU Berlin, since May 2015)

Brianne Wesolowski, "Through the Eyes of Dresden: Aesthetics, Science, and How the Body Became Visible, 1911-1945” (since March 2019)


Completed PhDs

Robin Kellermann „Waiting Times: Emergence, Experience and Material Representations of Waiting for Public Transportation in Berlin and London, 1850 – 2015” (second advisor, together with Liudger Dienel, TU Berlin) (defended November 2020)

Veronika Settele, „Vom Tier zum Fleisch. Eine Geschichte der industriellen Nutztierhaltung in Deutschland, 1950 – 1980” (second advisor, together with Paul Nolte, FU Berlin) (defended June 2019)

Antonio Carbone, „Good Airs: Buenos Aires in the Epidemic Years, 1867-1871“ (defended June 2019)

Marlène de Sassure “Metropolitanism in Marseille: Temporality of a Discourse, 1900-2016” (defended April 2019)

Katharina Knaus “Airbnb’s Influence on World Tourism Cities and Local Place-Making Processes: A Berlin-New York City Comparison” (defended March 2019)

Marcela Arrieta Narváez, “Heterogeneous Water in the City: Power, Concerned Interactions in the History of Community Aqueducts in Usme, Bogotá, 1980-2015” (defended November 2018)

Schiva Shadravan, “The Changing Facades of Karim Khan Zand Street, Shiraz: Contestation, Fragmentation, Social Integration” (defended at TU Berlin, November 2018)

Anett Laue, „Das „sozialistische“ Mensch-Tier-Verhältnis in der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik, 1949-1990“ (defended at TU Berlin, March 2016)

Esther Sattig, “Das Zigeunerlager Ravensburg-Ummenwinkel: Die Verfolgung der oberschwäbischen Sinti“ (defended at TU Berlin, July 2014, second evaluator, first evaluator Wolfgang Benz)

Stefan Höhne, “Der Passagier: Praktiken und administrative Techniken in urbanen Infrastrukturen des Transits" (defended at TU Berlin, September 2013)

Elitza Stanoeva, “Constitutions of Urban Spaces Between Political Ideology and Habitual Social Praxis: Urban Development in Sofia, 1879-1979" (defended at TU Berlin, July 2013)

Asta von Schröder, “Images and Messages in the Embellishment of Metropolitan Railway Stations, 1850-1950“ (defended at TU Berlin August 2012, second evaluator, first evaluator Adrian von Buttlar)