Center for Metropolitan Studies

Examinations Administration

As part of the pilot operation for exam administration, exam registration or deregistration or the creation of grade summaries for students in the Master's program Historical Urban Studies takes place exclusively in SAP. The SAP applications are accessed via the tuPORT-portal.

The examinations in the Master's program Historical Urban Studies consist of a written examination (Module 1), two term papers (Module 3 & 5), three oral examinations (Module 2, 4 & 6) and a portfolio examination (Module 7). More detailed information on the examination formats can be found in the examination and study regulations. A prerequisite for exam registration or credit is a completed module slip. For the electives (Module 8), various forms of evidence must be submitted, depending on the courses taken. All information on this can be found in the electives study area on the website of Faculty I.

The examination board of Faculty I is responsible for the humanities and educational science programs of Faculty I and is the contact point for all questions and problems related to studies, examinations or study planning. Important information about the tasks and contact details are given on the website of the Examination Board.