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Prof. Dr. Hasso Spode

Prof. Dr.

Spode Hasso

Scientific director of the Historical Archive on Tourism

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Organization name CMS
Building HBS
Room HBS-1
Address Hardenbergstr. 16-18
10623 Berlin

Scientific director of the Historical Archive on Tourism.

Founded in 1986, the HAT represents the largest collection of its kind in the world. It has been located at CMS since 2012 and is supported by the Fachgebiet Arbeitslehre/Technik and the Fachgebiet Technikgeschichte. The archive work is supported by a sponsoring association (Förderkreis Historisches Archiv zum Tourismus).


Curriculum Vitae

Hasso Spode studied history and sociology as well as religious studies, philosophy, German studies, education and political science in Berlin and New York. Magister Artium on National Socialist social and tourism policy at the FU Berlin, doctorate on the change in eating and drinking behavior and habilitation on the history of alcohol at Leibniz University Hannover; he is an adjunct professor of historical sociology there. Since the 1980s, research and teaching at the FU Berlin, the Historische Kommission zu Berlin, the Charité, the LU Hannover, the Universität Leipzig, the Leuphana Lüneburg as well as in Potsdam, Schwerin and Linz in the fields of social and cultural history, historical anthropology, medical sociology, social theory and contemporary diagnostics; thematic foci are especially mobility and tourism research and prevention and addiction research. Since 1999, he has also directed the Historical Archive on Tourism.

Hasso Spode was co-founder and long-time head of the working group "History of Tourism"; he was or is co-editor or advisory board member of journals (among others Voyage. Jahrbuch für Reise- & Tourismusforschung; Annals of Tourism Reserach; Mondes du Tourisme; Zeitschrift für Tourismuswissenschaft), board member of the Alcohol and Drugs History Society, the Center for Drug Policy Studies, and until 2015 Vice-President (RC 50) of the International Sociological Association.


Hasso Spode has participated as an expert in numerous media contributions (radio, TV, press), has given many lectures (list of lectures) and has published over two hundred scientific papers (list of publications; list of reviews).