TU Berlin Center for Junior Scholars (TUB-CJS)

Gender equality

Technische Universität Berlin is actively committed to achieving equal opportunities and work-family life balance. The advancement of female junior scholars has been a key priority for a number of years.

In December 2019 the Academic Senate passed the University’s Diversity Strategy. “The goal is to make TU Berlin a diverse, inclusive and participative institution […] The creation of an institution founded upon freedom from discrimination and conditions of study, research and work guaranteeing equality of opportunity and inclusivity” are of key importance to us (Strategy). When passing the Diversity Strategy, TU Berlin also undertook to focus its attention in 2020 on social background (first generation) and gender diversity.

As part of the services it offers, the Center for Junior Scholars (CJS) supports the University’s gender equality activities and offers all doctoral candidates and postdocs advice on this topic. The proMotion program is an excellent example of a tried and tested service for female doctoral candidates provided by the CJS. The CJS is also conducting a study to examine the career progression of first generation female doctoral students. The Office for Doctoral and Postdoctoral Services also draws upon extensive experience in the area of international affairs to help international academics research and work in an environment founded upon equality of opportunity and freedom from discrimination.

Work-family life balance

TU Berlin has been a holder of the TOTAL E-QUALITY seal of excellence for a number of years and is a certified family-friendly university (audit familiengerechte hochschule).

As part of the “family-friendly university” steering committee, the CJS was involved in designing the “family-political elements” incorporated into the Science Temporary Contract Law to enable extensions to contracts for researchers with children. The CJS is happy to advise all research and teaching assistants as well as research associates on this topic. The CJS is also the main point of contact for doctoral candidates and postdocs receiving a scholarship at TU Berlin, who wish to apply for child benefit.

Further information about family-related issues can be found on the the website of the University’s Family Services Office.
You can find out about TU Berlin’s gender equality measures on the following website.


Offers for doctoral candidates

Trainings, exchanges, networking, coaching etc.

“proMotion" offers trainings, exchanges and networking for all female doctoral candidates at TU Berlin. "proMotion training" is a program for a closed group of doctoral candidates. The objective is to provide workshops to help participants with their doctorates and to promote interdisciplinary exchange and networking. The program is held in German in winter semesters and in English in summer semesters. The deadline for applying for "proMotion training" is currently closed. You can apply for the German-language program in the winter semester.

In addition to this program, there is also the “proMotion support” framework program. This offers informative lunchtime talks on career-related topics and networking as well as individual coaching sessions and offers for cooperative doctorate supervision. Further information is available on our website. You can also register there to receive our newsletter.

Theses scholarships provided by the Advisory Board to the Main Women’s Representative

The Advisory Board to the Main Women’s Representative awards six scholarships each semester to female doctoral candidates, primarily in the engineering and natural sciences. The scholarships are announced on 1 April and 1 October each year and are available for six months. The scholarships are currently worth 1,000 euros per month plus 200 euros per month to cover supervising costs.
The scholarships and conditions are announced approximately two months before the period covered on the website of the University’s main women’s representative

ProMotion Programm

Organization name Center for Junior Scholars (TUB-CJS) – doctoral and postdoctoral services

Offers for postdocs

Professionalisation of Women in Research and Teaching (ProFil)

ProFil is a joint project run by Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Freie Universität Berlin and TU Berlin. The part-time program runs for 12 months and assists participants in the planning and development of their careers. The aim is to prepare participants for their future leadership and management roles in academia and science. The program is aimed at researchers, Habilitation candidates, junior professors, junior research group leaders and postdocs at the three Berlin universities. Experienced mentors advise participants on how to plan their careers and offer their own insights into the structures, processes and unwritten rules of a career in academia. The program also provides trainings and seminars tailored to the needs of a career in academia as well as strategic networking.