TU Berlin Center for Junior Scholars (TUB-CJS)

Berlin Funding for Graduates (Elsa-Neumann-Stipendium des Landes Berlin)

In accordance with the Berlin state Act on the Promotion of Junior Achievement in Academic, Scientific and Artistic Fields (Gesetz zur Förderung des wissenschaftlichen und künstlerischen Nachwuchses), scholarships are awarded for doctoral students as well as for the completion of dissertations (in the final stages).

Applicants must be able to demonstrate performance that far exceeds the average, especially in their undergraduate degrees. The doctoral project must be expected to make an important contribution to research in the respective subject area. It is important that the faculty has accepted your intention to persue a doctorate. If your research topic requires a vote by the ethics committee or an approval for animal experiments, these votes must be available when the application is submitted.

The application can be submitted in either German or English.

There are normally two application periods per year: in April and November.

The next application round starts on February 14, 2024; the application deadline is April 17, 2024. 

Funding starts on 1 April and 1 July of each year. There may be deviations during the COVID19 pandemic. The amount of the scholarship consists of a basic monthly amount of 1,350 € and a lump sum for material costs of 100 €. A child allowance is granted.

Advice on your application can be obtained from us. Please contact Simone Bartsch. Applicants* with a Master's degree from the TU Berlin will receive information from us on how to prove their above-average academic performance.

Required documents and further information:

If relevant for the thematic or methodological orientation of the dissertation, you may add further reviews to your application, in addition the obligatory one.

You will find all further information on submitting your documents online and other important information on the following page: DRS-NaFöG office (Hittorfstr. 16, 14195 Berlin). As an applicant* at the TU, you must submit your documents to Dahlem Research School at the FU (DRS).



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