TU Berlin Center for Junior Scholars (TUB-CJS)

Continuing education & further qualification for junior scholars

This page provides information on workshops and trainings for doctoral candidates and postdocs. The courses and events listed here are just some of the continuing education offers provided by a range of organizational units at TU Berlin. It is not possible to register via CJS' Office for Doctoral and Postdoctoral Service. Please register directly with the organizer of the event.

Not all courses are open to all doctoral candidates at TU Berlin. Please check carefully to see which are available for you.

The broadest variety of workshops and courses is offered by the Center for Scientific Continuing Education and Cooperation. You will find up to a hundred courses per year, which are free for all scientific employees and registered doctoral candidates of TU Berlin, and possibly all doctoral candidates of the Berlin University Alliance.

The courses offered by the Staff Development and Continuing Education branch of the human ressources department are open to all employees of TU Berlin. START is a program for the next generation of management offering intensive seminars for postdocs and for those commencing a new managerial career in the areas of science and administration.

The Centre for Entrepreneurship has a number of individual offers for doctoral candidates who are interested in marketing a product or setting up their own business.

As a doctoral candidate at TU Berlin you can also, as part of an initiative of the Berlin University Alliance, take advantage of courses offered by the Dahlem Research School (at Freie Universität) and the Humboldt Graduate School (Humboldt Universität) – please follow the links provided and contact the relevant institute about participating in a program:


Informationsessions of the Center for Junior Scholars

We offer information events on topics related to the doctoral and postdoctoral phases on an annual or biannual basis and organize introductory events for new doctoral students together with the faculties. Follow this link to get to the events.

ZEWK - Overall Programme WiSe 2022/2023

The complete programme of the Centre for Scientific Continuing Education and Cooperation (ZEWK) for the winter semester 2020/2023 is now online. You can also find an overview of all ZEWK courses in English here.

Berlin Graduate Studies Program

The Berlin University Alliance has set itself the goal of improving the conditions for all doctoral students of the four alliance partners. The Excellence Alliance offers all doctoral students of the four partner institutions a comprehensive qualification programme that reflects the different phases of a doctorate. The programme includes five core events and numerous workshops, coaching and mentoring opportunities.

Writing Courses

When it comes to academic writing, it is often not easy to get off to a good start or you lose momentum halfway through.
BUA as well as other institutions, such as the Staatsbibliothek, therefore offer practical help in the form of workshops or virtual meetings.


November 2022

18.11.2022ENProject & Time ManagementBUA
18. Nov 22EN“How to find EU funding for my own research topic?” Bottom-up funding programmes in Horizon EuropeTU-EU Büro
18.11.2022DEEffizienter und (plagiats-)sicherer Umgang mit FachliteraturHGS
21.11.2022ENSecrets of Impactful Poster Design & PresentationHGS
21.11.2022DEOpen Source und Open Hardware – Anwendungsfelder in den TechnikwissenschaftenBUA
21.11.2022DEEin gutes Verhältnis zur Betreuer*in ist kein Zufall: Die Promotionsbetreuung aktiv (mit) gestaltenZEWK
23.11.2022ENSuccess in Your Doctorate I: Setting out with enthusiasmZEWK
23.11.2022ENResearch Data ManagementHGS
23.11.2022ENData PublishingHGS
23.11.2022ENCrisis Management and Resilience during my DoctorateHGS
23.11.2022DEEffektiv kommunizieren - mit McKinsey & CompanyCareer Service
23.11.2022ENDeveloping Your Own Professional OptionsCharité GSS
24.11.2022DEHow to LinkedIn & Xing - mit der Hilti AGCareer Service
24.11.2022ENFor female doctoral candidates: Setting the course for your doctorate: Defining a clear and feasible research question (that will help you succeed)proMotion
24.11.2022ENGood Scientific Practice (Social sciences and humanities)HGS
24.11.2022ENJust Do It - First steps from the Humanities and Social Sciences toward a job outside academiaBUA
28.11.2022ENFor female doctoral candidates: Identifying your priorities - and sticking with themproMotion
28.11.2022ENPlanning the Completion of your DissertationHGS
28.-30.11.2022DEERFOLGREICH IN DIE PROMOTION - Berlin University Alliance RetreatBUA
28.11.2022DEProjekt- und Zeitmanagement für die PromotionStaatsbibliothek
29.11.2022DEAktives Datenmanagement – Für einen effizienten und nachhaltigen Umgang mit Forschungsdaten im ProjektZEWK
29.11.2022DEVertrauen ist gut – prüfen ist besser: Qualitätskriterien für wissenschaftliche PublikationenStaatsbibliothek
30.11.-2.12.ENKICK-OFF YOUR DOCTORATE - Berlin University Alliance RetreatBUA
30.11.2022DEOpen Access – freier Zugang zu wissenschaftlichen Veröffentlichungen, Forschungsdaten und SoftwareStaatsbibliothek
30.11.2022DEFinanzierung von PromotionsprojektenStaatsbibliothek
Status September 2022

December 2022

01.12.2022DEPublish or Perish? Wissenschaftliches Publizieren für PromovierendeStaatsbibliothek
01.12.2022DELicht und Schatten: Bildrechte beim wissenschaftlichen PublizierenStaatsbibliothek
01.12.2022ENPresenting ScienceHGS
02.12.2022DEKonferenzen stressfrei PLANEN Praxiswissen für einen erfolgreichen Projektstart!BUA
06.12.2022DEPromotion – Ja, nein, vielleicht?Career Service
06.12.2022ENSpeaking with Confidence and ImpactHGS
06.12.2022DEBetreuung von PromovierendenPE-WB
06.12.2022DEStunde der HAWs: Professuren an Hochschulen für Angewandte WissenschaftenGain
07.12.2022DEZeitmanagement für Nachwuchswissenschaftler*innenZEWK
07.12.2022ENMastering Peer Review: Strategies for Success for Natural and Life SciencesBUA
08.12.2022DEStudientag, Science Slam, TED und Co. - Vorträge spannend und unterhaltsam gestaltenZEWK
12.12.2022DEIntercultural Challenges for Visiting Scholars at TU BerlinZEWK
12.12.2022ENFor female doctoral candidates: Learning to say 'No': Setting and communicating your boundariesproMotion
12.12.2022ENAcademic Freedom and Open ScienceBUA
13.12.2022DE„Wir sollen da noch was zum Umgang mit Daten schreiben…“ – Forschungsdatenmanagement in ProjektanträgenZEWK
14.12.2022ENEthical issues during your doctorate? - case discussionsBUA
16.12.2022DEWie verfasse ich eine Pressemitteilung?ZEWK
16.12.2022DEWie Kooperationen mit (zivil)gesellschaftlichen Akteuren in der Lehre erfolgreich gestalten?ZEWK
16.12.2022DESoftskills im Bewerbungsprozess - mit der FDM GroupCareer Service
19.12.2022DE/ENWeihnachtsblues – was kann ich tun?Psychologische Beratung
20.12.2022ENTeaching in English: From Idea to Practice ZEWK

January 2023

09.01.2023ENIntroduction to Research Data Management in Humanities an Social SciencesBUA
09.01.2023ENHow can "good research" be evaluated? On the current discussion about the reform of research assessment.BUA
09.01.2023DEErfolgreich Promovieren II: Durchhalten!ZEWK
10.01.2023DEStärken-CheckCareer Service
16.01.2023ENLet's go! With a clear concept into science communication
16.01.2023ENResearch Integrity: But I just want to do my research!BUA
18.01.2023ENMental Health: Resilience in International Transitions for Academics Abroad - In PersonBUA
19.01.2023DEMotivierendes FeedbackZEWK
19.01.2023ENPlan – Activate – Question: How to plan and drive for more student engagement in your teachingZEWK
20.01.2022DEPlagiate im PrüfungsalltagZEWK
23.01.2023DELernportfolios: Monitoring und Reflexion der studentischen LernaktivitätenZEWK
23.01.2023DEDigitale Prüfungen an der TU Berlin – was ist aktuell möglich?ZEWK
23.01.2023ENGood Scientific PracticeBUA
23.01.2023DEOffene Lizenzen – neue RechtsentwicklungenBUA
24.01.2023ENResearch Integrity: Brilliant Idea - Successful ProposalBUA
24.01.2023ENBrilliant project idea - successful proposal? Writing compelling project proposalsZEWK
26.01.2023ENGrant Proposal WritingBUA
26.01.2023DEDesign Basics – Gestaltungskompetenz für Wissenschaftler*innenZEWK
26.01.2023DEDigitale Helferlein in Vorlesung und Seminar - Studierende aktivieren mit Smartphone & Co.ZEWK
26.01.2023ENEducating the deliberate professional: the role of purpose, choice and agency in curriculum and pedagogyZEWK
27.01.2023DEHyggelig durch den Uni-AlltagZEWK
27.01.2023DELernumgebungen & Hochschuldidaktik: Welche Lernräume braucht gute Lehre?ZEWK
30.01.2023DEVideokonferenz: Urheberrecht - Was darf man noch im Jahr 2022/23?ZEWK
31.01.2023ENWomen between themselves: Biomechanics as key to more expressive body languageZEWK

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