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proMotion support

proMotion support is the supporting programme to proMotion training with events for all female doctoral candidates at the TU Berlin. proMotion support offers informative lunchtalks on topics related to doctoral studies and career planning, individual coaching and offers for collegial support during the doctorate.

If not specified otherwise, the proMotion support events are held in German.

proMotion LunchTalks

What comes after the doctorate? Careers of (female) TU doctoral holders (Date 30.06.2022, 12:00 – 14:00)

With Dr. Simone Bartsch, Center for Junior Scholars, TUB

This event is in German. Questions in English are welcome. 

Are you asking yourself what your career perspectives will be after finishing your doctorate? In this talk, Dr. Simone Bartsch will shed a light on what other doctoral graduates have done after their doctoral graduation. In which sectors of the labor market did they land and what are their job conditions? She will give you an overview over the career paths/possibilities within and beyond academia as well as how male and female careers differ. The talk is based on data from TU Berlin and Germany.

Treat yourself to focus. Creating moments of concentration in the hustle and bustle of academic life (Date 14.07.2022, 12:00 - 14:00)

This LunchTalk will be held in English.

Between lab work, teaching, meetings and administrative tasks, making time for the quieter aspects of academic work can be challenging. Often, these non-interactive tasks appear with less urgency and lack immediate feedback, although they are critical to any research, as they include poring over data or texts and submerging oneself into a writing-thinking process that is ultimately generative of new knowledge. The challenge with these types of tasks, however, is that they do not just require any amount of time, but a specific quality of that time which allows you to work with focus. This LunchTalk provides you with new impulses to create such precious moments of focus and establish them in your regular work life.

Motiviert und Gesund an der Promotion dranbleiben (Starting your doctorate motivated and healthy) (Date 20.10.2022 12:00 – 14:00)

With Dr. Nicole Torjus, BUA Graduate Studies Support

The event's language is German, English questions are welcome!

Working on a dissertation is a challenging project that will take a couple of years. And it means more than just writing the dissertation. Doing a doctorate means being able to cope with tension and pressure. Feelings that we do not like to face and even less like to talk about.

How can I deal with all these challenges, feelings and pressures without being overly burdened? How do I stay motivated and, just as important, how do I stay healthy?

A doctorate requires a lot of determination. This makes it all the more important for you as a doctoral student to take care of yourself, learn to set limits and develop healthy work habits for yourself personally.

In this LunchTalk, we will present some best practice ideas from practical models and provide information about advice and support services at TUB.

Zwischen Windeln und Wissenschaft (Between diapers and Academia. Balancing Family life and a career in Teaching and Research) (Date 10.11.2022, 11:00 - 13:00)

 All parents and everyone interested (all genders) are welcome!

In Cooperation with Katja Müller, Servicestelle Familienbüro TUB

This event is in German. Questions in English are welcome. 

You work in academia and have one or more children? You would like to work in academia but also start a family? Are you wondering whether a career in research and teaching and family are compatible and would you like more information? With this event we invite you to get information support and information that the TU Berlin provides. Also, we will talk about practical tips for balancing familiy life and a career in academia.

The event is organized jointly by the proMotion doctoral program of the CJS and the family service office.


  •     Facts and figures: How family-friendly is academia?
  •     Information on the legal framework and the support service from the family service office

Afterwards, you can exchange practical tips and experiences with us as well as with each other at the virtual coffee starting at 14h. For this purpose, please register separately for the virtual coffee.

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