Institute of Chemistry


What is ChemClub?

ChemClub is an opportunity for school students to take a closer look at chemistry. Have you always wanted to know why a diamond is hard and graphite is soft? Have you always wondered why fireworks are colorful and why the answer is important to science? Then ChemClub is the place for you!

What does ChemClub do?

In ChemClub you can explore chemistry beyond what you learn in school. The topics addressed reflect the content covered during the first few semesters of our chemistry degree program. We discuss current issues, work through (old) tasks from different chemistry competitions, or further explore topics taught in school. However, we are also open to your suggestions! If you have a specific question or interest, we are happy to work on related tasks together or discuss the topic in detail. We can also organize a visit to research labs in academic chairs that are of particular interest to you and invite researchers to speak with you.

You’ll also learn what it means to study chemistry and what it’s like studying at TU Berlin.

Who can join ChemClub?

All school students from Berlin and the surrounding area can participate in ChemClub. However, the content and learning level are particularly targeted towards students in grades 10, 11, 12, and 13. If you think ChemClub would be a good fit, drop by and try it out!

When does ChemClub meet?

ChemClub meets the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month at 18:30 in lecture hall C 264 at TU Berlin (TU Berlin, Institute of Chemistry, Straße des 17. Juni 115, 10623 Berlin).

We meet either in the foyer or in front of the building.

Our next meeting dates:

04.03.2024, 18:30 h

18.03.2024, 18:30 h

15.04.2023, 18:30 h

06.05.2024, 18:30 h

03.06.2024, 18:30 h

17.06.2023, 18:30 h

01.07.2024, 18:30 h

15.07.2024, 18:30 h

(The events on 01.04.2024 and 20.05.2024 are not taking place.) 

If you have questions or need to contact us, please send an email to (ChemClub(at) ChemClub is hosted by Clara and Kilian, both fifth-semester chemistry students. We look forward to meeting you!