Institute of Chemistry

Mentoring Program

When you begin studying at university, a new chapter of your life begins! You have to find your way in a new world which is completely different from what you may have experienced at school or in vocational training.

What is everyday student life like?
What administrative tasks do you need to take care of?
Who can help you?

Many of the questions you have, whether now or later, are best answered by those people who were recently in your shoes – students in higher degree semesters who have completed the foundational modules.

Our mentoring program aims to pair together the wealth of experience of these students with your questions and support you at the start of your studies. You will meet in small groups during the first few weeks of the semester where you can ask questions and get important information and valuable tips from mentors. This is also an opportunity to meet fellow students in your degree program. The program also includes activities off campus.

You can find further information on our public ISIS course page


What are the requirements to participate in the mentoring program?

You should be a new student in one of the following degree programs: Chemistry, B.Sc.; Chemical Engineering, B.Sc.; or Food Chemistry (Staatsexamen). You are also invited to participate if you have been studying for a while but have recently transfered to a new degree program or were unable to start your studies.

Is participation in the mentoring program mandatory?

No, participation is voluntary.