Institute of Chemistry

Math Bridge Course

If you are a new bachelor’s student studying Chemistry or Chemical Engineering, or are studying Food Chemistry, we recommend completing parts of the following online math courses. This will provide you with a good foundation for the compulsory math modules during the first few semesters.

The TU Berlin online bridge course (link: is available in German and English.

You can also take the OMB+ online math bridge course (link:, which was developed in collaboration with several universities.

We strongly recommend working through the course topics in bold below.

Online math course

TU Berlin online bridge courseOMB+ 
1. Elementary Arithmetic1a. Elementary Arithmetic: Sets and Numbers
1b. Elementary Arithmetic: Powers and Proportionality
2. Equations in One Variable2. Equations in One Variable 
3. Inequalities in One Variable3. Inequalities in One Variable
4. System of Linear Equations4. System of Linear Equations 
5. Geometry5. Geometry 
6. Elementary Functions 6. Elementary Functions 
7. Differential Calculus7. Differential Calculus 
8. Integral Calculus8. Integral Calculus 
9. Objects in the Two-Dimensional Coordinate System9. 2D Coordinate System 
10. Basic Concepts of Descriptive Vector Geometry10.Vector Geometry
Additional Modules
11. Language of Descriptive Statistics11. Complex Numbers 
 12. Logic and Sets 
 13. Stochastics