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clever@tu-berlin - Chemistry Lab for School Students

The aim of clever@tu-berlin is to enable school students to experience, understand, explain, and reflect on chemistry in the lab at TU Berlin.

In our chemistry lab, school students independently experiment and have the opportunity to experience chemistry from a new perspective. You have the option to discuss the thematic focus of the experiment or choose a combination of the offered experiments in advance with Dr. Lars Merkel. If the topic of your choice isn’t listed, please contact us and we will do our best to meet your request.

We try to relate our experiments to everyday life as much as possible. Everyday objects frequently serve as the starting point. Possible topics cover a broad range including acids and bases in food, do-it-yourself electrochemistry, building a working liquid crystal display, making and characterizing a drug compound, and much more.

It may also be possible to visit an academic chair conducting research on the same topic. Please inquire in advance. We can also supplement the practical component with talks on the theoretical principles behind the chemical processes. Our portfolio of topics is rounded off by the option to take a tour on instrumental analysis, where students visit various stations to elucidate the structure of an unknown organic molecule and learn the basics of the investigative methods used.

Upon request, we can also hold a session about studying chemistry and the courses offered at the Institute of Chemistry.

Registration information for workshops and experiments

GradesGrade 9 and above
School subjectsChemistry, studying and working
Related degree program/area of workChemistry
Duration2 to 6 hours (in agreement with the schools)
Max. number of participants20 students per group, depending on the topic chosen
WhereTU Berlin, Institute of Chemistry, Straße des 17. Juni 115, 10623 Berlin
WhenBy appointment, at least 8 weeks in advance
ContactDr. Lars Merkel
Phone +49 30 314-22822