Center for NMR Spectroscopy

Advanced NMR Theory & Practice

The module “Advanced NMR Theory & Practice” is a compulsory elective module in the Chemistry, M.Sc. program. It teaches students further theoretical fundamentals and how these relate to methods used in real applications. It also includes a small lab (3 experiments) requiring differing measurements using the NMR spectrometer.

Degree programChemistry, M.Sc.
Compulsory elective module for “Synthesis and Catalysis,” “Materials Chemistry,” and “Biophysical and Biological Chemistry”
Students can take the module as an elective without giving a presentation and the 3 experiments.
Credit points6, or 3 as an elective module 
InstructorsDr. Sebastian Kemper
Dr. Jan Dirk Epping
Lecture & seminarTuesday, 11-12:00 Uhr, Room C230
Wednesday, 12-14:00, Room C230
Labappointments to be agreed with the instructors
3 experiments (5 hours attendance time)
FrequencySummer semester 
Type of assessmentPortfolio assessment (practical tutorial, presentation, lab)
If taken as an elective module, the exam consists of the practical tutorial and an oral exam.

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