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Dr. Caroline Knittel awarded Max Bergmann Young Investigator Award 2023 for her doctorate

Dr. Caroline Knittel has been awarded the 2023 Young Investigator Award of the Max Bergmann-Kreis for her dissertation entitled "Total Synthesis of Amatoxins and Derivatives," which she prepared in the working group of Prof. Dr. Roderich Süßmuth. In her work, Dr. Knittel focused on the total synthesis of amanitin, which is the main toxin responsible for the toxic effect of the tuberous leaf fungus. A particular focus of her work was the synthesis of complex amino acid building blocks, which formed the basis for the production of amanitin analogues. Dr. Knittel has thus made an important contribution to antibody-toxin conjugates, which are being investigated therapeutically in cancer research.
The Young Scientists Award has been given by the Max Bergmann Circle to young scientists since 1982 to promote research in peptide chemistry.

The award ceremony will take place during the Max Bergmann Conference, September 10-13, 2023, at the Schloss Marbach Conference and Seminar Center.