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Peter Straßer elected to the European Science Academy “Academia Europaea”

In July 2023, Professor Dr. Peter Straßer was officially elected to be a member of the Chemical Sciences section of the Academia Europaea, a pan-European society dedicated to the advancement of science in the humanities, literature, law and natural science. Prof. Straßer is a physical electrochemist and has been researching in the fields of electrochemistry, electrocatalysis and electrochemical energy conversion for over 20 years.

Prof. Straßer's membership honors many years of scientific contributions to our fundamental understanding of electrocatalytic charge transfer processes at novel nanostructured electrodes. His material science and electrocatalytic contributions provided the basis for platinum- and iridium-poor nanocatalysts, deployed in modern hydrogen fuel cells and water electrolyzers for the conversion and production of green hydrogen. His more recent work on the conversion of biomass and atmospheric CO2 on single-atom catalysts demonstrated the efficient production of electricity-based basic chemicals, so-called e-chemicals, as well as electricity-based synthetic fuels and fuel components, so-called e-fuels.

As a long-standing member of research consortia funded by the European Commission with colleagues from France, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Ireland and Denmark, Prof. Straßer is currently researching, among other topics, direct seawater electrolyzers, the production of kerosene fuels from air and water and on the realization of hydrogen fuel cells for trucks and airplanes.

The Academia Europaea was founded in 1988. The society supports the research landscape, promotes scientific excellence and creates Europe-wide partnerships. New members are admitted annually. Potential new members must be nominated by existing members and undergo a rigorous peer review process before being elected. Of the approximately 5.000 members, 300 worldwide are in the Chemical Science section, around 40 of them from Germany. Prof. Straßer is the second chemist from TU Berlin to be elected as a member, along with Prof. Schwarz. Until today, a total of 74 members of the Academia Europaea have been honoured with the Nobel Prize.

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