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Research Training Group successfully extended

The DFG is funding RTG 2473 "Bioactive Peptides - Innovative Aspects for Synthesis and Biosynthesis" in the second funding phase for another four and a half years with more than 2 million euros.

Natural and synthetic peptides play an important role in biochemistry and drug discovery, especially in the development of new modern drugs and therapies. Within the framework of the Research Training Group, the complex structure of peptides and their function are investigated. Scientific findings from the first funding period have already made important contributions in these areas. For example, peptidic agents such as the toxin of the tuberous leaf fungus, amanitin, were chemically synthesized and the spatial structures characterized using analytical and theoretical chemical methods, or the mechanism of action of a bacterial plant toxin was investigated that can be used as an antibiotic to treat bacterial infections. In the second funding phase, interdisciplinary research will continue to focus on elucidating peptide biosynthetic mechanisms, molecular structures, transport pathways and target interactions.

The graduate program will provide doctoral students with interdisciplinary educational content on peptide research, including from the focus areas of molecular biology/biochemistry, synthetic chemistry, and bioanalytics/structural biology.

In addition to the TU Berlin as the host university, the Freie Universität Berlin, the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, the University of Potsdam and the Research Institute for Molecular Pharmacology in Berlin-Buch are involved. Speaker of the Research Training Group is Prof. Dr. Roderich Süssmuth, Head of the Department "Biological Chemistry" at the Institute of Chemistry.

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