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Dr. Sven T. Stripp: Visiting Professor for Physical Chemistry

Since May 2023, Dr. Sven T. Stripp has been a Visiting Professor of Physical Chemistry at TU Berlin at the suggestion of the Institute of Chemistry. In the summer semester of 2023 and the winter semester of 2023/24, he will support the Division of Physical Chemistry in research and teaching. In particular, he will contribute his expertise in time-resolved vibrational spectroscopy and electrochemistry on organometallic complexes and macromolecules. His research focuses on the catalytic activation of "small molecules" such as H2, N2, CO2 and O2.

Dr. Sven T. Stripp studied chemistry and biology at the Ruhr-Universität-Bochum, where he completed his doctorate under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Thomas Happe in 2010. He then moved to the Department of Physics at FU Berlin to learn about the application of infrared spectroscopy to organometallic complexes and biological macromolecules under Prof. Dr. Joachim Heberle. From 2019-2022, Dr. Sven T. Stripp was funded as a group leader (PI) in the DFG Priority Programme 1927, during which time he was awarded a teaching qualification in physical chemistry (Habilitation) by the FU Berlin. In December 2022, Dr. Sven T. Stripp was accepted into the DFG's Heisenberg Programme.

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Dr. Sven T. Stripp