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Carl Wagner Memorial Award for Prof. Dr. Peter Straßer

Since 2007, Prof. Dr. Peter Straßer and his research group at the Institute of Chemistry at the TU Berlin have been conducting extremely successful research in the field of electrochemical materials and catalysis for the storage and conversion of renewable energy. The focus is, among other things, on low-noble metal hydrogen fuel cells, on the efficient production of green hydrogen and the electrocatalytic direct conversion of CO2 into e-chemicals and e-fuels.  

He will receive the Carl Wagner Memorial Award 2023 for his outstanding work in the field of electrochemistry.

Since 1980, The Electrochemical Society has presented the Carl Wagner Memorial Award every two years in memory of Carl Wagner to researchers in the middle of their scientific careers. Among other things, special consideration is given to such achievements that are of interest to the Society. Carl Wagner himself was a German physical chemist who is considered one of the founders of modern solid state chemistry. He worked in Leipzig, Munich, Berlin, Jena, Hamburg and Darmstadt, among other places, before conducting research in the USA in El Paso and at MIT. In 1958, he succeeded Karl Friedrich Bonhoeffer at the MPI for Physical Chemistry in Göttingen.

This year's award ceremony will take place in October as part of the annual meeting hosted by The Electrochemical Society.

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