Institute of Chemistry

IT Team

If you are experiencing IT difficulties, please use the contact form for the Chemistry IT team. We will quickly see who on our team can best help and contact you.

NamePhoneRoomEmailArea of work 
N. N.+49 30 314-29892C 4 Head 
Janaczek, René+49 30 314-22263C 7rene.janaczeck@tu-berlin.deWindows (server and clients) 
Kraus, Sebastian+49 30 314-29892C 4sebastian.kraus@tu-berlin.deLinux and HPC 
Krauss, Jürgen+49 30 314-22489PC 313juergen.krauss@tu-berlin.deLinux 
Langenhahn, Thomas+49 30 314-70597C 7langenhahn@tu-berlin.deWindows (server and clients), Mac OS