Institute of Chemistry


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Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry

The boundaries of inorganic chemistry can hardly be defined. Topics can range from physical and organic chemistry through to theoretical physics and biochemistry.

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Organic and Biological Chemistry

Organic and biological chemistry is concerned with the development of novel synthesis methods and the elucidation of reaction mechanisms as well as the (bio)synthesis and structural elucidation of natural and active substances.

Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

This division encompasses a broad range of topics combining experimental and theoretical questions and techniques: from bioenergetics and biophysical chemistry to molecular materials science, applied quantum chemistry, modeling of biomolecular systems as well as structural chemical biology and cheminformatics. The academic chairs in these areas are complemented by a working group on the biochemistry of gas-converting biocatalysts.

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Technical Chemistry

In technical chemistry, research is conducted on the transfer of chemical reactions and processes into technical procedures. The focus is on investigating nanostructured particles for gas-phase and electrocatalytic processes, controlling activity and selectivity of catalysts, and modeling and simulating catalyst systems and photoelectrochemical conversion.