Institute of Chemistry

Institute Council

The Institute Council is the highest body of each institute. It is responsible, for example, for organizational matters relating to all academic chairs and research groups, determining the focus of vacant professorships, the institute’s structural and development plans, how teaching is organized as well as personnel matters at institute level.

It is composed of 7 professors, 2 academic staff members, 2 students, and 2 employees in technology, service and administration.

Members for the term of office from 01.04.2023 through 31.03.2025

ProfessorsProf. Dr. Martin Oestreich
Prof. Dr. Arne Thomas
Prof. Dr. Roderich Süßmuth
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Ressler
Prof. Dr. Martin Kaupp
Prof. Dr. Peter Straßer
Prof. Dr. Michael Gradzielski
Academic staffDr. Oliver Lenz
Dr. Jan Dirk Epping
StudentsPhillip Höhne
Clara Brockhaus
Employees in technology, service, and administrationRolf Kunert
Andrea Rahmel