Institute of Chemistry

Examination Boards and Joint Committee with Decision-Making Power

Pursuant to the TU Berlin General Study and Examination Regulations as well as the study and examination regulations for individual degree programs at the Institute of Chemistry, examination boards are responsible for the following: 

  • Organizing examinations
  • Recognizing previous periods of study as well as coursework and examinations
  • Preparing the lists of examiners and observers
  • Taking decisions regarding appropriate examination conditions for students with a medical note stating they are unable to take an exam or complete coursework fully or in part in the designated format due to a physical impairment or disability
  • Determining elective components and subjects

If needed, the examination boards convene together.

Degree programs which are coordinated by more than one faculty or university are organized by a joint committee with decision-making power, which assumes all the responsibilities of an examination board.  

Examination board for the first exam component of the exam for state-certified food chemists

In accordance with the regulations of the ordinance on the training and examination for state-certified food chemists (LmChemABV) of 25.10.2007, the chair of the chemistry examination board in cooperation with the Berlin State Office for Health and Social Affairs (LAGeSo) also performs the above-mentioned functions for the first examination component of the examination for state-certified food chemists. (Food Chemistry degree program)