Institute of Chemistry

Institute of Chemistry Education Committee

The Chemistry Education Committee is responsible for drafting proposals for the Faculty Board regarding the further development of study and examination regulations for chemistry degree programs. Pursuant to the Berlin Higher Education Act, students comprise half of the members of the Education Committee. Committee members are elected by the Faculty Board for two years.

Members of the term of office from 05.01.22 through 31.03.24

ProfessorsProf. Dr. Michael Gradzielski
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Ressler
Academic staffDr. Jan Dirk Epping
Dr. Sebastian Kemper
Dr. Lars Merkel
Dr. Frank Beuster
StudentsMarvin Drotleff
Jonas Lippe
Philipp Höhne
Luise Liebig
Johanna Ficht
Ilma Sumbic
Marten Ashton
Birte Wulfes
Thanika Schneider
Employees in technology, service, and administrationJana Lutzki
Dr. Maria Schlangen
Juana Krone
Mandy Prillwitz