Institute of Chemistry
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Welcome to the Institute of Chemistry at TU Berlin!

Our work makes major contributions to the fields of catalysis, biological and biophysical chemistry, modern molecular and synthesis chemistry, solid-state chemistry and analysis, electrochemistry and energy storage as well as material science. We also conduct research in the fields of theoretical and technical chemistry.
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Prospective and Current Students

Are you interested in one of our degree programs? Are you a student at TU Berlin looking for information? You can find extensive useful information about our degree programs, courses, introductory events, and mentoring program on our pages about studies and teaching. You can also find information about our offers for school students. We recommend regularly visiting our website to stay up to date.

Research at Our Institute

On our pages on research and transfer you can find exciting topics for your final thesis, doctorate, or post-doc project. You can also learn about our working groups and their areas of focus, opportunities to network with industry, and the benefits (and risks) of founding a start-up.

Sustainability and Green Chemistry

Our institute has a long tradition of conducting research into the development of sustainable chemical processes and syntheses of methods. There is no future without chemistry! The issues of sustainability and Green Chemistry also play a central role in our teaching. You’ll find here an overview of our activities in these areas.

Institute Infrastructure

Several central facilities and services form the heart of our institute. In addition to countless analytical centers, which offer special techniques for characterizing molecules and materials, we also have our own workshops and central IT infrastructure. In addition, we have a chemical and material storage facility and are responsible for the central disposal of hazardous waste.