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5 Questions to Holger Pastillé

Dr.-Ing. Holger Pastillé studied acoustics at the Technical University of Berlin and worked for many years as a manager in the automotive industry.

He is currently Group Head R&D at a large system service provider for electronic manufacturing services (EMS).

Q: What made you decide to get involved as a mentor?
A: Having someone independent with whom you can talk about your future without constraints, from whom you can get tips and recommendations, is something I would also have liked to have as a student. I had a great time at TU Berlin and I'm giving something back from that.

Q: What topics did you talk about most often?
A: What do you want to do next? Would a doctorate be helpful? How do I apply properly? What do I have to look out for in application documents?

Q: What did you perhaps also learn from your mentees?
A: When you surround yourself with much younger people, you quickly get infected by the enthusiasm that you yourself have "forgotten".

Q: What was the most valuable experience for you during the mentoring tandems?
A: Giving help and advice that is not intrusive.

Q: What advice would you give to new mentors?
A: Think about your time at university and how great such support would be and give something back!