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5 Questions to Christian Brüggemann

Christian Brüggemann studied mechanical engineering at the TU Berlin and has worked as a project manager in automotive engineering for many years. He has worked in international sales as well as in technical development. He currently works in strategic project controlling for a large OEM.

As a member of a local Rotary club, Christian Brüggemann supports sports and school kids in Berlin-Spandau.

Q: What made you decide to get involved as a mentor?
A. Many students concentrate on their studies and experience a practical shock on the job with effects on everyone involved. It makes a lot of sense and is exciting to educate a mentee individually and in a needs-oriented way about the practical side of work. In addition, after 15 years I wanted to re-establish contact with the TU Berlin, where I felt very comfortable as a student.

Q: What topics did you talk about most often?
A: Companies' expectations of new employees and the realisation of one's own wishes and ideas in the job. In the latter case, we often talked about comparing individual expectations with the possibilities and impossibilities in industrial practice. In addition, it was about the further development of one's own value coordinate system in the job.

Q: What did you perhaps also learn from your mentees?
A: Getting to know and appreciate the mindset and expectations of the junior staff and awareness of my own blinders. I also had the good fortune of an intercultural exchange through an international mentorship.

Q: What was the most valuable experience for you during the mentoring tandems?
A: Being part of a programme with great personalities as mentees, mentors and last but not least the TU organisers. To have experienced great mentorships, super support and challenging kick-back. And looking back, we were able to implement a 'long distance' mentorship without any problems even before Covid.

Q: What advice would you give to new mentors?
A: Share, be open and enjoy!