I F - Career Service

Clearing & Information

We would be delighted to see you at one of our consultation sessions to tell you about our wide range of services and to advise you on what is the right choice for you!

On-Campus Consultation: Wed: 1 p.m.-2.30 p.m. | Room ER 386
This consultation will take place on the 3rd floor of Ernst Ruska Building. You can find the exact location plan here.

Online Consultation: Thu. 10.30 a.m.-11.30 a.m. | Zoom
The login details can be found in the TU Berlin's ISIS course "Sprechstunde Career Service".


    There will be NO consultation hours in the period from 22.12.2023 to 03.01.2024.

    Please consider the following to prepare yourself for the consultation

    • We usually have several of our team members present so that you can talk to the right person.
    • Make sure to have your questions ready beforehand.. it might help to scribble things down.
    • Feel free to turn your web cam off, however, our team will be sharing their video out of courtesy.
    • When joining the Zoom meeting, you will be directed to a virtual lobby. You will be admitted individually to ensure privacy.
    • We kindly ask for your patience in case you should have to wait a bit longer. You can use any waiting time to test your audio and video connection.