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Special Funding: Overview

Inclusion: Special Funding for Students with Additional Needs

The group of students with fewer opportunities in the current funding project includes:

  • students with a GdB of 20 or more
  • students with a chronic illness that results in additional financial needs abroad
  • students who are spending their stay abroad with children.

Students belonging to this group will receive a top-up of €250 per month. This is a lump sum regardless of the destination country. The application for the lump sum is made as part of the regular application for the ERASMUS+ grant. We accept the following supporting documents as proof:

  • Disability: severely disabled person's certificate or notice from the state social welfare office.
  • Chronic illness: medical certificate confirming that additional financial needs arise abroad due to the chronic illness. The type of illness and the amount/scope of the additional need do not have to be noted or quantified.
  • Bringing along child(ren): Birth certificate and travel documents stating that the child(ren) is/are to be taken along.

In addition, for participants with an assessed GdB of 20 or more and for participants with a chronic illness that results in additional financial needs abroad, there is the possibility to apply for subsidies for the real additional costs of international mobility up to 15,000 euros per semester and up to 30,000 euros per year within the framework of an independent application. These funds are calculated individually, which is why the application must be submitted at least 2 months before the start of the internship. Only additional costs can be taken into account that are

  • are not covered by national agencies (integration offices, health insurance funds, regional associations, social welfare offices, Studierendenwerk)
  • arise from the stay abroad (flight costs and costs for accommodation for accompanying assistants or for barrier-free accommodation).

Sustainability: Special Funding for Green Travel

In the current programme generation, ERASMUS+ supports the use of environment friendly means of transport. Students can receive a one-off top-up of €50 if they use the following means of transport to get to their placement abroad (and back to their home country):

  •   train
  •   bus
  •   car-sharing
  •   bicycle

In addition, up to 4 days of travel can be taken into account in the day-by-day calculation of the scholarship.