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ZECM operates the eduroam WLAN on the TU campus, which provides TU members and members of other educational and research institutions with free network and internet access.

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The Technische Universität Berlin offers comprehensive coverage with Wireless Lan (WLAN) on its campus. TU members as well as members of other institutions that are part of the eduroam network have access to the internet and (sub-) networks of the TU Berlin everywhere on campus.
Two configurations are available under the following URL for setting up the WLAN on computers or mobile devices:

  • eduroam – This is the default setting for mobile devices such as laptops, mobile phones or tablets of TU members. Via the eduroam profile, your end device receives an IP address from the general address space of the TU network and can use it to access the internet, for example. Services that require an IP address of the TU Berlin can also be accessed via this profile.
  • wlan2vlan – You can only use this setting if your IT manager has given you special permissions for certain resources. This could be, for example, access to printers, scanners, servers and computers in the network of your own decentralised institution. When used, the mobile device behaves as if it were connected to a network socket in your own office.


Connection to the WLAN "eduroam" after installation and setup under

To note

Open spaces outside the buildings, stairwells and warehouses are not equipped with WLAN access points, so the WLAN connection there can be patchy.



Free Wifi

The ZECM broadcasts the free "FreeWifi" at all TU Berlin locations. "Free WiFi" is a pilot project of the Berlin Senate Chancellery.


Frequently asked questions

Why do extra server certificates have to be installed?

Why do extra server certificates have to be installed?

By checking the server certificate, the authenticity of the authentication servers is ensured, which checks your user name and password. This prevents your password from being read by third parties.

Note that the implementation of this check in some devices or more precisely the drivers of the respective WLAN cards is not correct, so that connection problems may occur. In these cases, we recommend updating the driver of the WLAN card and, if necessary, requesting support from the respective manufacturer.

Where can I download the eduroamCAT app for Android?

For Andoid 7+, you can also download the APK directly from our website. For older Android versions, you must activate the installation of APK files under "Settings > Security > Unknown sources". From Android 7 onwards, you will be explicitly asked during installation whether the app may be installed.

How can I fix DNS problems under Windows?

How can I fix DNS problems under Windows?

If the DNS settings are incorrect or no queries are made to the DNS server, it may help to restart the DNS service. Use the Windows search to display the overview of the "Services". Find the entry "DNS Client" and restart the service.

Why does the installation button for the eduroamCAT app remain grey under Windows 10?

The installation button remains greyed out if there is still an (older) eduroam profile on your system. Please remove the eduroam network from the list of known networks and start the installation programme again.

What does the error message "This certificate is already installed as a certification authority" mean?

Which WLAN channels are available at the TU Berlin?

Can I use eduroam if I am not a TU member?

Visitors to the TU Berlin, e.g. visiting academics, can also use the eduroam network with the account information of their home university, provided that the university belongs to the eduroam network. For the configuration, please use the instructions of your home institution.

Wenn Sie das eduroam-Netzwerk mit dem Konto Ihrer Einrichtung nutzen möchten:

  • please use as login name: <username>@<ownInstitution>.<de>, it is not possible to log in using only the user name.
  • please note that you have activated the verification of your certificates so that the username and password are transmitted to your home institution in encrypted form.

What is the IP address range for the eduroam WLAN?

What is the IP address range for the eduroam WLAN?

The IPs for WLAN come from the address range: to141.23.255.255 (

The IPs are automatically assigned via DHCP.

What speeds are achievable wirelessly?

What speeds are achievable wirelessly?

The ZECM offers both 2.4 GHz (802.11g/n/ac/ax) and 5 GHz (802.11a/n/ac/ax) at all TU locations, each with a theoretical signaling rate of up to 9.6 Gbps. The real usable data rate is significantly lower due to, among other things, the uplink being limited to 1 Gbit/s, protocol overhead and error corrections.

This maximum data rate is shared by all users of the access point. The 5 GHz band is currently less used and therefore higher data rates can be achieved in this band. We recommend that all users give preference to this band if their terminal supports this standard.

How many devices can I use the WLAN with at the same time?

You can be logged into eduroam with up to four devices at the same time.

What is the network name (ESSID)?

What is the network name (ESSID)?

For direct authentication on the network, please use the network name "eduroam".
(ESSID - Extended Service Set Identity)

Can I also use the WirelessLAN with other devices?

Theoretically, they can connect any device that supports the 802.1X authentication standard (EAP-PEAP with MS-CHAPv2). Please note, however, that the ZECM customer service only supports the operating systems listed under "HowTos".

How can I fix 802.11n connection problems with Intel WLAN cards?

Intel chipsets such as the Intel Ultimate-N 6300 WLAN card can cause problems with 802.11n connections under Linux and Windows.

Such chipsets are installed in numerous Lenovo models (T410, T410s, T510, W510, X201, T420, T420s, T520, W520, X220, W701, W701ds). A new driver or, in the case of Linux, a kernel update can help.

Another workaround is to switch off the n standard. This is done under Windows in the driver configuration and under Linux with the command:

echo "options iwlwifi 11n_disable=1" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/iwlwifi.conf

With Linux, it is important to shut down the PC completely afterwards (experience has shown that a simple restart is not always sufficient) and to start it up again.

Please note that by doing this, you are deactivating the n-standard for all networks and not only for eduroam and this can lead to slower connection speeds. You can undo it with the following command:

echo "options iwlwifi 11n_disable=0" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/iwlwifi.conf

What can I do about authentication problems on smartphones and tablets?

Sometimes smartphones/tablets have a problem authenticating themselves in the TUB WLAN. This can be due to a space after the user name, for example, which is automatically added by the keyboard app.

Please make sure during configuration that such a space is not automatically inserted and check the user name in case of connection problems.

What does the message "This certificate is already installed as a certification authority" mean?

What does the message "This certificate is already installed as a certification authority" mean?

  • „Dieses Zertifikat ist bereits als Zertifizierungsstelle installiert.“
  • „This certificate is already installed as a certificate authority.“

If you receive either of the above messages, your browser has tried to install a certificate.

This is not necessary or desired in the course of the Eduroam setup.

The certificates must be installed for your operating system. Download the corresponding certificate file to your computer (right-click on the file reference, in the pop-up menu "Save target as...") and then install (double-click on the downloaded file, "Install certificate...", "Next", "Next", "Finish").

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