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Here you will find information on how to use TAN management to set up the TOPT token procedure.

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Two-factor authentication

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22 December 2022

Step by step

Step 1

Please access TU Berlin’s homepage in your browser and log in to the TU portal via “Login.”

Step 2

Log in with your TUB account name and TUB password.

Step 3

Enter a valid TAN code from your TOTP app or your current TAN list and click on “Continue.”


Step 4

In the “My data” tab, click on the “My profile” tile.


Step 5

Click on “TAN management.”


Step 6

Under “TOTP token procedure,” click on “Setup” (initial setup) or “Regenerate” (for instance, in case of loss of token, new smartphone/tablet, etc.).

Step 7

Now create a new TOTP token by clicking on the “Create new TOTP” button.

Install one of the suggested apps on your smartphone/tablet. Use “andOTP” or “Google Authenticator” for Android and “OTP Auth” or “Google Authenticator” for iOS; then start the app.

Depending on the app, tap on “Create token” or “+” and then select the “Scan barcode” or “Scan QR code” function integrated in the app.

Use it to scan the TOTP token from the TU Berlin portal. The authentication app of your smartphone/tablet should now display a new entry called “TU Berlin,” generating a 6-digit code every 30 seconds.

Step 8

Enter the displayed 6-digit code in the “Token” field to authenticate yourself and click on “Submit.”

Step 9

The TOTP token procedure is successfully set up.

Step 10

The TOTP token procedure is defined as an active TAN procedure. You can recognize the active TAN procedure by the green check mark.

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