Campus Management

ZECM Ticketing System

Email inquiries sent to the ZECM support team are collected and processed using a ticketing system. They are then sorted and assigned to relevant support staff.

Sending a support inquiry via the ticketing system

Whether you need help with your TUB account, receive an error message while using University applications, or have other questions about requesting or using our services, our customer service team is happy to help In addition to our IT Service Desk on campus and our telephone hotline, you can also email your inquiry to our central ticketing system.

The system is organized by topic so that your inquiry is automatically sent to the relevant support team. To help ensure inquiries and issues are resolved as quickly as possible and prevent unnecessary follow-up questions or further research, please be sure to follow the guidelines listed below. This guarantees your inquiry is received by the right team and provides all necessary information right from the start.

IT Service Desk RoomE-N 024

1. Subject line contains a clear topic (Thema)

Subject/KeywordFor questions or problems regarding:
BeschaffungApple hardware, SofortPCs/immediate computers, software, licenses, campus agreements, laptop loan, hardware or software portal
DruckenPrint@Campus, printing, posters
KontoTUB account, activation, account data, roles/authorizations, TAN/mTAN/TOTP, login/authentication, TU portal, University/student ID
NetzwerkWLAN/EDUROAM, firewall, port activation, IP addresses, DNS, VPN, VoIP, patch requests, video conferencing
SAPSAP (e.g. student administration, SAP portal/TUPort, salary/wages)
ServerVirtualization, root servers, housing, hosting, high performance, LDAP, resources for servers (RAM, hard drive), data backup
SicherheitData protection, security incident, hacking attempt, security gap, abuse, spam, certificates, CERT
StoragetubCloud, DFN cloud, shares, Webspace, online hard drive, WebAFS/AFS
WebWebsite in central TYPO3 system, other websites, Wordpress, Blog-Fram, Gitlab, WIKI, access statistics, URL requests, web relaunch
WindowsEmail (setting up, forwarding, aliases, mailing lists, team mailbox, Exchange, archiving), SharePoint, antivirus software (Sophos), Windows domains, Active Directory
Topic lists for email inquiries

Examples of subject lines:  

  • Thema: Konto - Anmeldefehler
  • Question about Thema: Beschaffung
  • Thema: SAP
  • Problem with Thema: Drucken, no connection with the printer

Tip: You can also change the subject line of an email when replying to the ticketing system. However, you must always include the ticket reference number to ensure a new ticket isn’t created.

2. Avoid combing multiple questions about different topics

Our colleagues are often specialists in a particular field. Additionally, we offer a wide range of services, so that a single person is unable to help with all issues. Combining several topics into a single inquiry prevents us from being able to efficiently help you.

Your email will need to be forwarded to several teams. This can increase waiting times, especially if forwarding does not work or resources are limited (e.g. staff are ill or otherwise out of the office).   

3. Include meaningful information

Please include the following information with your inquiry whenever possible:

  • First and last name in full
  • TUB account name
  • Matriculation number or staff ID 
  • In case of errors/problems: A detailed description of what happened and which service you were using
  • Screenshots of error messages

The more specific the information, question, or request, the better we can assist you.

4. Follow-up questions or additional information for a ticket

If you haven’t received a reply after a while or realize you forgot to include important information, reply to the confirmation of your email ticket. This contains a reference number and ensures your email is allocated to the existing ticket.
If you send a new email without including the reference number, a new ticket will be created. This may contain insufficient information or lead to confusion.