Campus Management

IT Service Desk

ZECM’s customer service is happy to assist you at our IT service desk in our offices on Einsteinufer.

About the personal support on campus

Do you need help changing your password? Have you forgotten your password? Or perhaps you need to set up 2-factor authentication? Drop by our IT Service Desk on campus!

Our support team is happy to help you activate the app-based TOTP TAN procedure or reset your password. To verify your identity, please bring valid identification (passport, personal ID). We also recommend installing one of the recommended apps on your smartphone in advance.

Please note that we cannot answer any questions about enrollment, student IDs, enrollment certifications, or other topics related to organizing your studies. In such cases, please contact the Office of Student Affairs.

Where to Find Us


Room E-N 024
Address Einsteinufer 17
10587 Berlin
HotlineMo-Fr 09 am - 4 pm
IT Service DeskMo-Fr 10 am - 4 pm
IT Service Desk RoomE-N 024