Campus Management

Support Hotline

The ZECM customer service team is available by phone to answer questions about our IT services.

Telephone support from trained support engineers

Our support engineers are available to help you with University IT services and technical issues. The first-level support team is trained and familiar with ZECM IT services. They are in direct contact with all responsible persons and developers at the ZECM:

Speaking TimeMo-Fr 09 am - 4 pm
IT Service Desk RoomE-N 024

Information about the webident procedure

Some support issues, such as resetting your password, require customer service to verify your identity personally. In addition to our IT Service Desk, the ZECM offers a webident procedure via video conferencing. We will verify your identity in a WebEx meeting.

Please have a valid ID (passport, personal ID) at hand when calling. To confirm your identity, please hold your ID up to the camera and follow the employee’s instructions so that they can see the security markings.

You should install one of the supported apps for the TOTP procedure on your smartphone beforehand. During the WebEx meeting, you will be shown a QR code on the screen which you will need to scan with the app to activate the TOTP procedure.