Campus Management
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ZECM Structure

On this page you’ll find an overview of our teams and their areas of responsibility. The various sections that make up ZECM are led by two managing directors.

Areas of work

MD Technology and Infrastructure

  • Defining technical framework conditions
  • Cooperating with other IT service providers
  • Prioritizing projects
  • Strategic planning for services 

MD Service, Human Resource & Organization

  • License administration
  • Organizational arrangements in the University
  • Job postings
  • Staff development strategy

Core Services

  • Building and monitoring the technical infrastructure of server rooms
  • Operating the TU network
  • Operating TU Berlin WLAN
  • Operating network components (firewalls, routers, DNS, etc.) 
  • High Performance Computing
  • Operating TU Berlin’s telephone infrastructure (VoIP)
  • VPN

Identities, Integration, and Innovation

  • TU Berlin user and role administration 
  • Operation of the authentication and authorization infrastructure, including Shibboleth
  • Operation of the TU portal including developing and integrating applications
  • Operation of the DFN-PKI Registration Authority (RA)
  • (De)provisioning procedures for individuals & organizations
  • Managing TU Berlin identities
  • Managing personal certificates (campus card) & server certificates

Customer Service

  • Instructions for setting up & using services and systems
  • Providing standardized PCs & monitors for collection
  • Computer lab support
  • Local support for Central University Administration
  • Maintaining ZECM websites
  • Loaning powerbanks and laptops
  • Various support offers (in person, hotline, ticketing system)

Personnel and organizational management

  • Procurement
  • Organizational management
  • Human resources
  • Staff development and continuing education
  • Office
  • Software licenses
  • Working time and vacation management

Administrative, Infrastructure and Application Services

  • tubCloud and DFN cloud services
  • Operation of various DB management systems
  • Operation of the ZECM computer lab
  • Operation of central web services
  • Infrastructure based on Kubernetes
  • SAP application administration
  • SAP basic systems