Campus Management

Data Processing in Webex

Personal Data CategoryType of Personal DataPurpose of Processing
Registration information• Activation code
• Display name
• Email address
• Name
• Profile picture
• Password
• Company name
• Name of billing contact
• Organization ID
• Unique user ID
• Enroll you in the service
• Display your user avatar to other users
• Participate in improvements to the Service and other
• Cisco products and services
• Offer support
• Inform you of functions and updates
• Understand how the service is used
• Send Cisco marketing announcements
• Authenticate and authorize access to your account
Host and usage information• Device name
• Geolocation
• IP address
• User agent identifier
• Operating system type and version
• Client version
• IP addresses along the network path
• MAC address
• Time zone
• Domain name
• Activity information
• Understand how the service is used
• Diagnose technical issues
• Conduct analytics and statistical analysis in aggregate form to improve the technical performance of the service
• Respond to customer service requests
User-generated information• Room activity (date, time, attendees, activity)
• Messages (content, sender, recipient, date, time, read receipts)
• Shared content (files, file names, size, type)
• Whiteboard content
• Information about meetings and calls (title, invite content, participants, time, duration, quality assessment)
• Voicemails
• User status (present, absent, etc.)
• Recordings
• To provide the service, an important component is the recording of user interactions with other users.
Collected information about• Geographic location• If the customer enables optional location sharing, Cisco captures the geographic location when the customer sends a message or shares content in an area. Cisco collects this information to share with other users in the space.
Information about data processing