Campus Management
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Legal Provisions

Campus Management’s responsibilities are laid out in the TU Berlin Constitution. Regulations regarding data privacy, IT security, and a number of other issues provide the framework for our work.
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Framework Contracts & Software Licensing Conditions

TU Berlin has several campus agreements as well as licensing agreements for research and teaching which allow TU units, and sometimes staff and students, to order software licenses through the ZECM software portal at a reduced price.

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ZECM Implementation Regulations

These describe the rights of users of ZECM IT services. These regulations were approved by the director of Campus Management and confirmed by the TU Berlin CIO on 4 April 2019.

Other important regulations relating to the services of ZECM

General Conditions GitLab

Find out about important framework conditions for how the ZECM provides the university-wide GitLab service, which affects you as a user.