Bioprocess Engineering

Project summary

Mushlabs is a biotech company using fermentation to create the next generation of sustainable foods from the roots of mushrooms. In nature, fungi’s extensive mycelial network in the soils act as a giant digestive system in forests, making fungi one of the most efficient decomposers on our planet.

Mushlabs uses the same mycelial cells and feeds it with side streams of agro- and food industries. In large bioreactors, the mushroom mycelial cells ferment the side streams and multiply. This biological process accumulates delicious and healthy biomass rich in protein and dietary fibre.

In cooperation with the Mushlabs, we develop and optimize fermentation processes and test how the fungi grow on different side streams.

Project partner:

Project duration:
10/2020 - current

Project funding:
Contract researche

Responsible person:
TU Berlin
Sebastian Hans

Irmgard Schäffl


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