Bioprocess Engineering

ANGUS - Development of a high-throughput at-line gluocse Sensor

Project summary

Smart bioprocess development platforms rely on various measurement data. For model-driven methods, these process data must be collected on-line or at-line in a timely manner. Also, with automated parallel bioprocesses, a large number of samples can be generated quickly for offline analysis. In both cases, rapid analysis is a success factor. In addition to dissolved oxygen (DO), pH and biomass, the glucose concentration in the medium represents an important measurand, both for the modeling of bioprocesses and their evaluation. C-Cit Sensors AG manufactures among others sensors for on-line glucose measurement. The aim of ANGUS is to integrate these sensors in a specially designed chassis for automated at-line analysis for liquid handling stations.

Project partner:
C-Cit Sensors AG, Einsiedlerstrasse 34, 8820 Wädenswil, Switzerland

Project duration:
03/2020 - current

Project funding:
no public funding

Responsible person:
Sebastian Hans
Bo Kern

    C-Cit Sensors AG:
    Ferdi Caglayan

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