Bioprocess Engineering

Internet und Privacy

The development of microelectronic implants raises the question of the security of stored data and the protection of the patient's personality.
Currently, the Internet is characterized by massive surveillance of its users and the accumulation of large amounts of private data that are used to create personality profiles to influence consumption or voting behavior. The emergence of medical IoT systems makes it necessary to design these systems in a way that is patient-friendly while maintaining privacy.

We therefore explored the topic intensively in two lecture series in previous years:

The conclusion was that health and fitness data obtained with wearables and implants should be stored as locally as possible on the user systems and not be transferred to the cloud or to Internet companies.

A list of the measures to be taken can be found, for example, in a forthcoming conference paper: M. Birkholz, M. Kögler: “Sustainable Design of Online Biosensors” in: 4th European Biosensor Symposium (EBS), Aachen/Jülich, Germany (2023)