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Bioprocess Engineering

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Prof. Dr. Peter Neubauer

Bioprocess Engineering

8th BioProScale Symposium

The 8th BioProScale Symposium "Scaling Down and Up of Bioprocesses: Strategies, Tools and Process Performance" will take place from April 9-11, 2024 in Berlin, Germany. The symposium addresses experts from research & development and industrial practice in bioprocessing of pharmaceuticals, food, feed and renewables. "Our goal is to discuss the current state of the art in terms of bioprocess behavior at large industrial scale and to demonstrate solutions on how to integrate the relevant properties into the entire process development pipeline", says Prof. Dr. Peter Neubauer, Head of the Chair of Bioprocess Engineering of Technische Universität Berlin and scientific director of the symposium. "In this context, any scaling starts with a scale-down approach. Current exciting challenges in process development include the use of process analytical technologies (PAT) and the implementation of consistent FAIR data strategies throughout the lifecycle from initial screening to production.

8th BioProScale Symposium 2024


We aim to advance bioprocess scale-up and scale-down, process analytical technologies (PAT), dynamic modelling and optimisation, automated bioprocess development, cell and systems biology applied to microbial bioprocesses and biocatalysis applications.

Our research at the Chair of Bioprocess Engineering led by Professor Dr. Peter Neubauer aims to the development and application of new methods for faster bioprocess development, including genetic, cultivation, and analytical tools with a special focus on the industrial scale. All these aspects are addressed in our education.

We are especially interested in understanding the impact of reactor inhomogeneities on the microbial metabolism and adaptation, both affecting process robustness. This knowledge is applied to design molecular biological and process engineering solutions and thus our research contributes to the understanding and improvement of microbial processes of both fundamental and industrial interests.

By combining state-of-the-art cultivation, sensor and data analysis, automation, and mechanistic modelling technologies with molecular biological and physiological techniques, we contribute to improve the efficiency of bioprocesses and thus to the societal advancement of Industrial Biotechnology. 

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Next to all our labs, the pilot plant and the high-troughput bioprocess develoment facility are leading in there research areas.

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